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The 300th

For the 300th of The Musical Diary, I've asked to 15 wonderful artists to join me in a massive feat where every one of then will provide me the sounds to produce that tune. Without any concertation and a total freedom they provide me great material from many different styles of music : IDM, Instrumental, Techno, Noise, Ambient, Drone, Rock,... It was a great experience, very fun to work on a project like this and I want to thank all those artists : YOU ROCK !
I encourage you to check every one of those artists, they're are truly talented :

Artaban (http://www.artaban.lu),
Charly Sy (http://soundcloud.com/charly-sy),
Charly et Sa Drole De Dame (http://www.charlyetsadrolededame.com/),
Clarence Rise (http://www.clarencerise.com/),
Emmanuel Trep Kormann (http://www.emmanueltrepkormann.com/),
Exomène (http://www.exomene.com/),
Fanny Menegoz (http://soundcloud.com/fanny-menegoz),
Leave Things (http://soundcloud.com/leave-things),
Liliane Chlela (http://www.lilianechlela.com/),
Lucky Buzz (http://soundcloud.com/lucky-buzz),
Martin Herron (http://soundcloud.com/morpion),
Michel Donval (http://acidstone.bandcamp.com/),
Protofuse (http://www.julienbayle.net/),
Rose froze (http://soundcloud.com/rosefroze),
and Thot (http://www.thotweb.net).

Also a big shout to all the other artists that couldn't make it, we'll have other occasions.
A special thank you to @melifer1 for the connections. And also to @RadioKC.