A Lifetime of Me
The Musical Diary of Lucien de Baixo - Year Seven 2016-2017

On the mend, left for lethargic, better but not, finally I might found the right way. Weathering the storm of life, handling the pain, hoping against hope, I can't turn back. Riding the clouds, breathing the time, full of laziness, as years were daysgaspinglate on everything. I am the man, throwing some bits of myself, full of nostalgia and self-derision, given up for the better, the absurd reality of lifelife is a hoax! And... keep going no matter what. It's time to rise. Once again.

Is this really a diary? Yes So why don't you use words? Obviously because I'm a composer... and lazy How the idea of doing a musical diary come from? By reading Franz Kafka's diaries When did you start it? September 2010 I don't understand, is it called A Lifetime of Me or The Musical Diary? The project is called The Musical Diary and will always be. You can think of "A Lifetime of Me" as the title of a chapter that begins with the 7th years of this project. That's why years 1 to 6 are only called The Musical Diary. Are you doing The Musical Diary all by yourself? Yes, except featuring How lond did it take you to make a track? Apart of a few, they are all made in a day Even the symphonies? Yes Is this your real name? It should have been Have any fans sent you boobs pics? Twice Can we see them? ... Are you single? Ok... Can we come back to the music please! Do you publish every track you've made for The Musical Diary? No, only if they express the right feeling of the moment Why some tracks look like unfinished? Sometimes by polishing a track too much, you lose its spontaneity and that's everything to me.