Lucien de Baixo | The Musical Diary | Year Five 2014-2015

Welcome to The Musical Diary, I'm glad you end up here and I hope you'll enjoy the experience. Even if the title already gives you a big hint on what is The Musical Diary you may want to know what this is about. In a few words, The Musical Diary is an artistic project started in September 2010 where I can express myself in the most freely and spontaneous way only through to music. The result is a mix of a wide variety of genres, mostly electronic music, like IDM, techno, house or ambient but also classical, rock, pop, jazz,... But perhaps you want to know a little more like how this idea came to me, what am I trying to do, how I work, if there is a way to support my work and perhaps also who am I ?


Everything started by a book : Franz Kafka's Diaries. The first time I've read it, I was astonishing by the power contained in those pages. It was draft, rough, repetitive sometimes unreadable and meaningless but it was so strong, a real consistency of feelings. It was true.

Around 2008, when I decided that music must take the most important part of my life, I was thinking a lot about how I will express through music and how I can use the new possibilities of the Internet.

I wanted to go further than what EPs and LPs could offer. Most of all, I wanted that in my creative process nothing could affect the feeling I'm putting in my music. Because most of the time, by sharpening too much your work to make it more beautiful, you can lose what is the most important : the emotions.

So naturally, I came to think why not trying to do something equivalent to the Franz Kafka's Diaries but with music. This idea grew day after day until a bright day of September 2010, I decided to launch it. At first, it was hosted on my website before it got its own for its second year of existence.

"#raw #rough #draft #true"

If the Kafka's Diaries was the starting point, doing something similar with music needed to elaborate some guides lines. First of all the Kafka's Diaries was meant to be published and when it was, it was in a book form not in episodes. Quite the opposite of what will be a musical diary.

The all thing was to find the perfect balance between transcript spontaneous emotions and doing a listenable tune. So rather than enact some rules that could bridle my creativity, I tried to define what I don't want to do, like not to be trap with only one style of music, nor a specific time format, or to need to be regular, etc. The only rule I set is, the tunes has to be done in the day and in the most fastest way to capture the emotions as rough as they come.

what I'm trying to do with The Musical Diary is to work more on the best possible way to render emotions over to find new tricks that no one use before, even if as result, the tunes might sound drafty and unfinished.

Beside The Musical Diary is not about doing tracks, listening them independently doesn't mean much, there are only the cells of a bigger entity. If you want to really understand and appreciate this artistic project that is The Musical Diary, you need to take a deep breath and dive in it, you have to consider it in its entirety.

"100% Home-made emotions"

If you have read until there, I don't need to tell you that the starting point is always emotions of the moment, but this is not enough to make a descent tune.

Usually I work in 5 steps : One, what it will sound like, basically what I kind of style I will use and will be the more appropriate to render my feelings. Two, the sound design and the basic melodies. Three, sequence the all thing. Four, a quick mastering. And Five, if the emotions are here, I publish it if not, to the trash. Easy, isn't it ?

Some of you may want to know what kind of tools I work with, well it's simple, I use only Reason. Why ? Because it has all the features I wanted : simple, powerful, reliable, transportable and affordable. And besides of all that, I love analog hardware and Reason offer me a taste of that, using CVs to control all your corposants, it's just magic ! And for those of you who want to know if I use samples, the answer is no, these are only my notes and my sounds, it's all 100% home-made.